My painting 'Self Portrait in January' was on display at the Ruth Borchard Prize Exhibition and is now part of the Ruth Borchard Next Generation Collection. Both the exhibition and collection aim to continue the legacy of Ruth Borchard, who was a great collector of self-portraits by British and British-based artists.  

Ruth Borchard Prize Exhibition 2017
Thursday, 18 May - Friday, 22 Sep 2017

Piano Nobile Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG
Mon - Sun, 9 am - 8 pm

Sky ARTS Portrait Artist of the Year 2017


I am very excited to announce my participation in the 2017 Portrait Artist of the Year on Sky Arts. After selection based on my submitted self-portrait, I was one of over 50 artists invited to the Wallace Collection in London to paint one of Britain's famous faces. The first heat saw me paint alongside 9 other artists. With 4 hours and a considerable amount of adrenaline,  I had the pleasure of painting Freddie Highmore, famed for his role in The Bates Motel.

At the end of an amazing and adrenalin-filled day of painting, it was an honor to be chosen as the artist to move on to the competition's Semi-Final!

I spoke with Cass Arts about the experience here.

The Semi-Final!

Seven of us were given the opportunity to paint once again. Our sitter was the renowned Imelda Staunton, who came outfitted in an elegant gown, wellies, and the slightest smile, which she held for the entire four-hour sitting.

My full-body portrait of Imelda earned me a place as one of the final three artists competing for a £10,000 commission of Graham Norton. We were tasked with one final painting, to be completed in the National Portrait Gallery in London, as well as a commission piece, for which we had two weeks.

I spoke with Cass Art about the experience here.

The Final!

Liam Dickinson, Gareth Reid and I joined in the National Portrait Gallery for one final sitting. We all three tried with effort to keep our esteemed sitter, Sir Tom Courtenay, to stay seated and still for the duration of his portrait!

Each of us presented to the jury both our painting of Tom as well as a commissioned piece. I had the honor of meeting and painting percussionist Evelyn Glennie for the Royal Academy of Music in London. If you haven't seen Evelyn play, I suggest you do. She is amazingly physical, often barefoot, and as much an instrument as the ones she is playing. The painting of Evelyn is to be hung in the instruction rooms for the percussion students, and so I chose an inward looking pose, one that I hope each student in the room will know in themselves.

Having seen our commissions and our final portrait of the day, the jury selected a worthy winner in Gareth Reid!

My experience painting and filming with the likes of so many talented people was a joy and an honor and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have had my work seen by so many!